Duotone Pump


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179.00 $

Duotone Pump

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2 Stage, high-quality hand pump

59.00 $ 59.0 CAD 59.00 $ 69.95 $

59.00 $ 69.95 $

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Duotone Kite Pump

Duotone has released an elegant pump with which you can easily pump your kite. The Duotone kite pump can be used as a single action and double action. Choose double action to get the largest shared air in your kite, then choose single action to add the last few pumps to make your kite nice and hard. The pump is equipped with a good pressure gauge so that you can see if your kite is hard enough. The pump fits the Boston valves like Cabrinha, Slingshot, Naish, and valves with twist locks like those of Duotone and North. If you want to pump your kite even faster then look at the larger Kite Pump XL.


  • Sturdy hose
  • Pressure gauge
  • Double and single-action
  • Three valves
Size Choices L or XL
Color Grey-Turquoise
Brand Duotone